Adder Boy! How to Get More Twitter Followers with Tweet Adder Twitter Automation Software

tweet-adder-reviewNot to be confused with free site services that offer to randomly add Twitter followers to your Twitter follow lists, Tweet Adder is a professional marketing tool for those who see Twitter as an integral part of their online marketing strategies to increase web traffic through their efforts to get Twitter followers through more productive and less time-consuming methods.

*Special Update: The people at Tweet Adder have been most active in updating their product on both Windows and Macintosh of any of their competitors.  If you are searching for a decent application to help manage and automate multiple twitter accounts Tweet Adder 2011 offers a free trial which you can download here (at the time of this update, just choose Windows of Mac OS X, and the download will start).

Crash Issue Addressed: Today, April 28, 2011, Build #110428 was released. I have updated, and all is well again. Apparently a change at Twitter confused the software, and they had to update it to make it work right again. No matter when you read this, make sure you are running the latest version!

Limited Tweet Adder Coupon Code

UPDATE: Be sure to checkout TweetAdder 3 review for the latest features, if you’d like to purchase, they are offering a limited number of Tweet Adder Coupon codes for our readers. Use TWINE20 to save 20% on the Tweet Adder software, use during checkout on their site.

What I Like About Tweet Adder

Not unlike any other online search, Tweet Adder searches are based upon keywords.  However, the advantage of these targeted searches is that you can make them as general or specific as your needs dictate.

Super Searches

Not only do you need to know who to search for, you need to know how to search and how to get more Twitter followers.  Tweet Adder gives you the means to narrow your searches and create customized lists for the best, and largest, possible network.

Tweet Keywords

Twitter keyword searches let you capitalize on targeted searches and zero in on those with similar vocations, interests, or preferred following.


With Tweet Adder, you can not only identify Tweeps with similar interests, you can concentrate on a certain geographic location to modify your Tweets and direct messages.

Bio Keywords

Serious Twitterers take advantage of Twitter profiles and include as much biographical data as possible.  With Tweet Adder you will no longer wonder how to get more Twitter friends.

Simple Storage

Results of Twitter searches with this marketing marvel are saved into databases for easy access to custom-create your Tweets.  Here are a couple of ways Tweet Adder databases can help you get Twitter followers:

Followers. Target your own followers using keywords that group your lists into specific niches.  For those who are using multiple Twitter accounts, this can shorten your search time and make your Tweets more efficient.

Followings. Ever wonder how to get more Twitter friends?  Search for and save other users’ following to find friends whom you have yet to reach.

VIP Safe Lists. VIP Safe Lists let you flag those followers you want to keep as you unfollow those who do not generate the response you desire.  Get the full scoop on Tweet Adder here…tweet-adder-software-review

What I Don’t Like About Tweet Adder

There is a downside to everything, including a generally positive review of Tweet Adder.  Although not the worst problem to have, there is one drawback to this Twitter automation software:

  • Server sacrifice. Tweet Adder would run much better on a server rather than through the laptop/desktop computer (and does not run at all if the computer is off).  While it may not be a deal breaker for most, it is a point of annoyance for me.  Get the full scoop on Tweet Adder here…

The Bottom Line on Tweet Adder

Basically, as Tweet Adder Twitter Automation Software puts you in the driver’s seat on the road to get more Twitter followers, this is what you can expect when you buy Tweet Adder Software:

  • On the mark. The ability to easily create a targeted Twitter network to get Twitter followers.
  • Never say goodbye. Full automation of messages for constant connection with followers.
  • Daily hot topics. Find out what’s hot and what’s not based on your targeted following and what they are saying.

As an Internet marketer, affiliate marketer, or simply a business professional, the purpose of Tweet Adder is to generate a following for your specific product and expand your reach by building your online network(s).  As any legitimate review of Tweet Adder recognizes, this Twitter automation software helps you consolidate your followers and friends into tailored and targeted Twitter tweeps 🙂

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